Serving Funeral Directors

At Martin Oaks, we are always mindful of the very personal and commemorative nature of our work. Cremation services are conducted with a constant awareness of our community and public responsibility. Our mission is to maintain the highest standards of crematory practice in an environment of dignity and respect.

Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory, Inc., Funeral Related Services, Lewisville, TX
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Transportation Services

Martin Oaks' response time is no more than four to six hours, picking up at funeral homes, mortuary services and county medical examiners. After-hours, holidays and Sunday services can be arranged. Shipping containers and cooling packs are utilized for transport, as necessary.

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Cremation Services

Timely cremation schedules at Martin Oaks meet the most stringent requirements. Viewing and cremation witnessing are available by appointment with strict adherence to privacy laws.

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Additional Services

Martin Oaks offers a variety of options for cooler storage to meet client and funeral director needs.