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The funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks have long histories of dealing with various religious traditions. Since Martin Oaks has one of the oldest free standing crematories in the area, we have done many Hindu services/cremations with witnesses over the years. We understand and respect the special ceremonies that are involved. What really sets Martin Oaks apart, is the fact that cremations done through the funeral directors who work with us have a very affordable price point. Cremations start at $745. Full Services begin at $1600.

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Honoring the Traditions

With some exceptions (babies for instance) all Hindus are usually cremated. This reflects back the the Hindu history of cremations in India taking place on the Ganges River. Today, some Hindus who live and cremate abroad ship the cremains back to India for an additional ceremonial cremation. 

The basic premise of the cremation is that it is intended to allow the soul of the deceased to ascend to heaven. Hindus believe that death does not apply to the soul, but only to the body. There is no concept of resurrection of the body -- hence preservation of the body is not necessary. Funerals and cremations in the Hindu religion, as is the case in some other religions, mostly take place very quickly after the death.

The Soul

Hindus view the soul much differently than many other religions. The soul is eternal, free, holy, unchanging, and perfect. It cannot be burned by fire, nor dried by air. The process of death and decay does not apply to the soul. Hindus believe in reincarnation, but through their actions in this world, they hope to avoid it so that their soul can become one with the supreme soul.

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Martin Oaks Hindu Funeral Services

To the left, is a picture of Martin Oaks Crematory. We are located on a beautiful, historic cemetery that dates back to pre-Civil War day. Our experienced staff and funeral directors who work with us are available to you 24/7. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have at (469) 605-7215.