Best Cremation Services in Waco, TX

Growing numbers of people in the U.S. see cremation as an appropriate and dignified way to handle the remains of a loved one. One industry association said that forty-eight percent of the people who died in America in 2015 were cremated. By 2020 this statistic is estimated to jump to 54.3 percent.

Reasons to Choose Cremation

Reasons to Choose Cremation

Our cremation services in Waco, TX are beneficial because we offer you affordable cremation services. Other reasons you may choose direct cremation are that the deceased requested it before death, and it is a method that conserves land by not requiring a burial plot. When your funeral director chooses Martin Oaks Cemetery and Cremations, we offer you a number of ways to honor the deceased and to satisfy the emotional needs of your family.

Length of Process

Length of Process

Direct cremation converts the body to bone fragments by using intense heat and flame. Once removed from the heat, what remains of the body is ground into “ashes.” Speed is another reason to choose this method. The conversion to ashes takes 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours. For most families, our affordable cremation service is just the prelude to a memorial service. If your family is in this category, then working with your funeral director to have them reach out to our professional and caring staff will help you to pay tribute to the one you cared about.

Follow Up Options

Perhaps you may choose our facility, which is ringed by oak trees, to have a funeral first. This arrangement can be a solution if there is a conflict between family members in which some wish to see the body in a casket while others are comfortable with the simpler process. Affordable temporary caskets are available, and after the service, the body undergoes our crematorium service.

When the appropriate paperwork is signed, relatives and friends may watch the final disposition. A memorial service may be conducted at this time. Another choice is to have your Waco, TX cremation so that at a later date you can have a service with the urn containing the remains present.

A memorial service may include photos, videos, remembrances, music or whatever you want. When choosing our crematorium service, you may choose to have a committal service for the final remains. Funerals and memorial services may take place at our crematorium, at a funeral home or at a place of worship.

Handling the Ashes

Another decision we can help you make is what to do with the ashes. They can be scattered on private property or put in a permanent urn and kept in your home. Alternatively, the urn can be buried in a cemetery plot or deposited above ground in our columbarium.

We are here to serve to you and your family in your time of bereavement with affordable cremation services in Waco, TX. Getting connected to our staff is just a phone call or email away.

Call Martin Oaks for an immediate response (469)605-7215. Inexpensive, cost effective cremation services are available through the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks in and around the Dallas, Texas area. We are the affordable option. Onsite direct cremation. All services must be arranged through the licensed funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks. 

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