Frisco, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States: in fact, for nine straight years (2000-2009), it was the fast growing community in the country. It is also one of the most affluent and one of the youngest. Recent statistics put the median age just under 34: about 5% are 65 years of age or older. So why should the citizens of Frisco, Texas be concerned with death care, much less the price of delivering death care services? First of all, we would suggest that it is always a good idea to plan ahead: the passing of a loved one can occur without much, if any, notice. When tragedy strikes, it is always a good idea to have as many loose ends tied up as possible. Second, more and more young people are being forced to deal with the passing of elders in their family. Since most young people do not have a lot of information about death care, hurrying around at the last minute can complicate decisions. Third, affordability does not mean poor quality for the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory Inc. -- it simply means that those funeral directors charge reasonable rates for their work. Dignified services can be delivered within a realistic budget.

What Is Direct Cremation And Why Is It So Popular?

What Is Direct Cremation And Why Is It So Popular?

Cremation is the process wherein a body is reduced to fragments -- it is placed in a retort (oven), temperatures raised to 16,000-18,000 degrees and tissue is destroyed in approximately 2 hours. Bone fragments are then removed from the retort and processed into a substance that appears to be ashes. The process maybe popular for Frisco, Texas families because of cost, speed, simplicity, and environmental awareness. Mobility in our society lessens the opportunity to visit a loved one in a cemetery: cremains in an urn are now seen as a viable alternative. Religious opposition to cremation has greatly reduced over the years, so acceptance has grown accordingly. 

Additionally, cremation does not eliminate burial possibilities, if desired. Ask the funeral directors at Martin Oaks about scattering or interment in our historic cemetery. 

Why Should Frisco, Texas Families Choose Martin Oaks?

Why Should Frisco, Texas Families Choose Martin Oaks?

First and foremost, the funeral directors who use Martin Oaks are very quality oriented. They have built their reputations over generations. Even though their price structure is quite affordable, they understand that quality matters to the families of Frisco, Texas. Your family's needs are a priority to these professionals. Second, this affordability extends to a variety of final disposition options: services and burial are not precluded by cremation. 

Martin Oaks telephones are answered 24 a day by a person: funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks are available 24/7. Every service option can be customized to your needs. 

Pre-planning arrangements are available, please call us for details at (469) 605-7215, 24/7. We thank the families of Frisco, Texas for taking the time to visit this page. 

Call Martin Oaks for an immediate response (469)605-7215. Inexpensive, cost effective cremation services are available through the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks in and around the Dallas, Texas area. We are the affordable option. Onsite direct cremation. All services must be arranged through the licensed funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks. 

Martin Oaks is located in Lewisville, TX, right between Flower Mound, TX and Denton, TX, minutes from Richardson, TX, Hurst, TX, Bedford, TX, Arlington, TX, Irving, TX, Garland, TX, as well as Grapevine, TX, The Colony, TX, Frisco, TX, Carrollton, TX and Plano, TX. We serve the entire Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.

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