Best Cremation Services in Copper Canyon, TX

Tucked away from a busy metropolis, Copper Canyon, Texas is a reminder of the joy small town living can bring. Founded in 1973, it has kept alive the pleasant feeling of rural life for all who live there. With a population of just over 1,000, Copper Canyon has offered its residences spacious living, good schools and a small-town government, keeping it a wonderful place to call home. Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory is a family owned service has served Copper Canyon Texas with cremations services for many years, we work with funeral directors to help families in Copper Canyon to ease the grieving process and put loved ones to rest.

Affordable Cremation Options

The loss of a loved one is a heart-breaking process to endure, and the funeral directors and team at Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory understand the pain of this loss and strive to help grieving families through the difficult and confusing process. The funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks offer low cost cremations to Copper Canyon, including direct cremations, for over 30 years and offer multiple options for families to honor their deceased loved ones. Located just outside Copper Canyon, Martin Oaks offers a variety of urns or in-ground burial options at our Copper Canyon cemetery.

Direct Cremations in Copper Canyon Tx

Direct cremations are often the most affordable and easiest process. While no visitations are offered, you may hold a memorial service at a later date. The experienced staff at Martin Oaks will take care of the entire process, including obtaining the death certificate, Burial Transit Permit, and any additional necessary documents. Funeral directors choose us to help navigate the process of Copper Canyon Texas cremations so that families can concentrate on grieving and remembering their loved ones. 

Whether you choose to have a memorial service or simply want to take your loved one home, we offer a variety of urns to honor you family member’s memories and interests. Alternately, we offer interment on our cemetery grounds, including in-ground burial or cremation niches with bronzed memorials. You may also choose to memorialize your loved one with bench, tree or statue interment of cremated remains.

Our landscaped cremation garden provides a peaceful place to pay respects to your loved one among the beauty of our flowerbeds. While we strive to offer affordable cremation to Copper Canyon, you can rest assured that your family will be treated with care, respect and expertise during this difficult time.

Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory, Inc., Funeral Related Services, Lewisville, TX

Call Martin Oaks for an immediate response (469)605-7215. Inexpensive, cost effective cremation services are available through the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks in and around the Dallas, Texas area. We are the affordable option. Onsite direct cremation. All services must be arranged through the licensed funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks. 

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