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The first question one might ask is where did Colleyville, Texas get its name? Is Colleyville a plant, an indigenous animal, or a descriptive of the topography of the area? Answer: none of the above. Lilburn Colley and his wife moved to Texas from Missouri in 1880 -- they settled near the area of Bransford. Eventually, for reasons that are variously ascribed, the area became Colleyville, Texas. The area became Colleyville, Texas in 1914. The city is in the heart of the DFW metroplex some 18 miles from Martin Oaks Cemetery & Crematory in Lewisville, Texas.

Although the median age of Colleyville is 40, more than 5% of the population is 65 years of age, or older. The funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks have been serving the families of Colleyville, Texas for more than 30 years. Given that the demographics in Colleyville, Texas trend towards younger ages,  it is often these younger folks who are the decision makers when it comes to death care. The mobility of this age group, the interest in affordable pricing and the convenience of cremation has made the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks an attractive option. 

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Direct Cremation

When we talk about the option of direct cremation, we are talking about one of the simplest methods of final disposition that exists. Colleyville TX direct cremation involves  the pick up of the deceased, filing of paperwork, selection of options (service/no service), the cremation itself and a the return of the cremains to the family. There is no lengthy procedure that requires extended meetings, selections and additional charges. Options for memorial services certainly exist, but this is up to the sole discretion of the family. Even with these additional options, the funeral director who work with Martin Oaks keep affordability in mind. Affordability, of course, does not mean lesser or less than respectful services for the deceased. These funeral directors are more than happy to meet with the families to discuss their options, and help them with any and all requests. 

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Why Choose Martin Oaks?

Convenience, affordability, care-driven services -- Martin Oaks has been around for a long time and understands how traumatic the death care experience can be. Martin Oaks has cremated thousands of North Central Texans through the years. The funeral directors who work with us are professional in every respect. No request is too great or too small for these funeral directors to attend to -- satisfaction of every customers in paramount in their minds. 

Martin Oaks would like to thank the families of Colleyville, Texas for thinking of us in your time of need. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (469) 605-7215, 24/7.

Call Martin Oaks for an immediate response (469)605-7215. Inexpensive, cost effective cremation services are available through the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks in and around the Dallas, Texas area. We are the affordable option. Onsite direct cremation. All services must be arranged through the licensed funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks.