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Addison, Texas is a culturally diverse community located approximately 15 miles down the road from Martin Oaks Cemetery & Crematory in Lewisville, Texas. It offers an incredible array of restaurants, nightlife and cultural events that far exceed the expectations one might have for a city with a population of around 20,000.

That's because Addison, Texas sits just north of Dallas, Texas, the central spoke in a wheel of metroplex bedroom communities. Founded in 1902, named after Postmaster Addison Robertson, the city has enjoyed a prosperous history, one highlighted by a spectacular growth of business. The commercial/residential mixture is well suited for a relaxed, sophisticated lifestyle. 

One of our personal favorites in Addison, Texas is the Water Tower Theater now in its 20th year. Inventive programming is the cornerstone of this theater: you might see a classic drama, or a one person show based on the life of Georgia O'Keeffe. 

The funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks have serviced families of Addison, Texas for generations. Given the youthful demographics, the cremation option is a particularly attractive one. This is especially true because of the emphasis of these funeral directors is on affordability. 

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Cremation Vs. Burial for Families of Addison, TX

Direct cremation is the fastest growing segment in the death care industry. That is because it is quick, convenient, inexpensive and results in portability. Direct cremation, however, does not eliminate the possibility for a more traditional memorial services or even burial. Probably the most significant reason families form Addison, Texas choose cremations over a more traditional funeral service is affordability. Families of Addison, Texas whose lifestyle may be mobile and fast-paced could choose direct cremation because it suits their particular needs. The funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks will be happy to explain all of these options, as well as the costs involved, in great detail. Whatever options the families in Addison, Texas select, they can be assured of a reasonable and respectful final disposition. 

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Why Choose Martin Oaks?

This question can be answered in three words: experience, convenience and affordability. The funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks have literally years of experience of assisting families of North Central Texas. The quality of their care is above reproach. Martin Oaks is very conveniently located to Addison, Texas so the funeral directors who use Martin Oaks will have simple access to all parties. Finally, affordability is guaranteed.

The Martin Oaks staff would like to thank the families of Addison. Texas for visiting our page in your time of need. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (469) 605-7215, 24/7.

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Call Martin Oaks for an immediate response (469) 605-7215. Inexpensive, cost effective cremation services are available through the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks in and around the Dallas, Texas area. We are the affordable option. Onsite direct cremation. All services must be arranged through the licensed funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks. 

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