Frequently Asked Questions

Cemetery Common Questions

The answers below are here because these are the most commonly-asked questions. If yours isn't listed, we invite you to call us. We're here to provide the information you need, when you need it.

- Are cemeteries running out of space?
Just like other open spaces, cemeteries are impacted by increased population density in both urban and rural  areas. Cemetery spaces are a finite resource, and as such, are at a premium in some regions.

- What is Perpetual Care?
"Perpetual Care" usually refers to the correct terms Permanent Care or Endowment Care. These Care funds are collected with each Interment Space sale to maintain the grounds, roads, and buildings of the cemetery.

- Can the vault be personalized?
Yes, we can show you the wide range of personalization choices, including customized nameplates and military insignias.

- Are there vaults for cremated remains?
Yes, we offer urn vaults, designed for in-ground burial of cremated remains.

- Can two cremations be performed at once?
Never. Not only is it illegal to do so, most modern cremation chambers are not of sufficient size to accommodate more than one adult. Thus it would be a practical impossibility to conduct multiple cremations simultaneously.

- Can the family witness the cremation?
Yes, for a nominal fee. Our state-of-the-art cremation facility is set up to allow family members to be present when the body is placed into the cremation chamber. In fact, some religious groups include this as part of their funeral custom.

- Does a body have to be embalmed before it is buried?
No, embalming is not required for burial. It is always your choice. Your decision may depend on such factors as whether the family selected a service with a public viewing of the body with an open casket; or to enhance the deceased's appearance for a private family viewing; or if the body is going to be transported by air or rail, or because of the length of time prior to the burial.

- Must I purchase a burial vault?

In most areas of the country, state or local laws do not require that you buy a container to surround the casket in the grave. However, many cemeteries require that you have such a container so that the ground will not sink. Either a grave liner or a burial vault will satisfy these requirements.

Cremation Questions 

- What is Cremation?
The mechanical and/or thermal (at approximately 1650 degrees) or other dissolution process that reduces remains to bone fragments. These fragments are then processed into cremains. Martin Oaks has state of the art equipment which our fully trained staff operate.  We do not outsource our cremations.

-Why choose Cremation?
There are numerous personal reasons including:
. Process is simple and less costly than a traditional funeral;
. Cremation is gaining more acceptance across society;
. Flexibility in Memorialization Options;
. Environmental factors.

- How many people are cremated yearly in the United States?
The numbers are growing: in 1960, cremation rates ran less than four percent. Today the rate is over forty percent. Rates vary dramatically from state to state.

- Is there an industry code of practice?
Martin Oaks is a member in good standing of the Cremation Association of America and embrace their standard: We believe in dignity in the care of the deceased, compassion for the living who survive them and in the memorialization of life.

- Are there burial plots available at Martin Oaks?

Yes, Martin Oaks has both traditional burial plots and an urn garden. Both of these choices are priced at "good value" rates in our historic, natural cemetery.